About Us

The Taxation Bar Association, Agra has the distinction of being the largest Bar
Association of Tax Advocates of Northern India.
The Bar came into existence on 19th July, 1969.
The Bar is having more than 400 members on its roll who are engaged in
representing cases before the Income Tax Department, Goods & Service Tax
Department up to the stage of appellate Courts.
The Members with their best ability is serving the cause of justice and have brought repute to the Bar in many ways with their intellect and professional approach. The Association is a bridge between the tax payers and the Government, ensures that though due compliance with the provisions of law is a duty for the Tax Payers but it comes with an onerous obligation upon the Officers of the State that there is no exploitation of the tax payers, who are the contributors to the state exchequers. The Association is committed to safe guard interest of its members in professional as well as in personal lives.